What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Any one partaking in any online venture of any kind can attest to the crucial importance web hosting plays in the entire scheme of things. Web hosting sits at the very core of any web site related activities, after all the most beautiful websites cannot have the grandiose impact they are expected to have if they are inaccessible by their intended targets. And that is what web hosting does, make the web site available on the internet for all to see.

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Well in a way reseller web hosting is no different from ordinary web hosting, in that clients are still receiving hosting services but not from the source they are interfacing with. The logic behind reseller web hosting is that the client has the ability to use his allotted space on host server to provide hosting services to others. You basically have a situation where clients resell the space they have purchased on a host provider’s servers.

The benefits of the service are rather obvious as reseller web hosting can prove to be a pretty lucrative source of revenue for a company, not to mention the costs saved in providing a premium service that doesn’t require you to invest in extra hardware, specifically servers to meet consumers’ additional service requirements. You can get maximum savings with Hostpapa hosting. Visit this website for details on Hostpapa hosting prices.

Reseller hosting has received most noticeable popularity within the realm of web designing and advertising, i.e.

Website developers – With the current surge in popularity and usage that the internet is receiving, there is little surprise that persons skilled in web development would become wanted items. Yet as profitable as web development tools and services have proven to be for many companies, a portion has come to realize the advantage of offering web hosting services on top of ordinary web design solutions. The idea is simple; clients would like to acquire web designing services without having to search elsewhere for hosting capabilities. Most web design companies have come to realize the profitability of providing such premium services. Siteground hosting is a favorite amongst web designers and developers. You can avail their reseller and cloud hosting plans at much discounted rates with this Siteground special offer.

Advertising and Public relations – Just like with web design, ad and PR agencies dealing in brochures and rather prosaic web sites have seen the novelty of dealing in hosting as well as web site services under one roof, rather than bothering clients with the burden of finding their own hosting services.

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Reseller web hosting will make available three primary pros:

  • For one thing hosting provides a company greater control. If you know the hosting services and features that will be made available, a site can be designed with the aim of achieving optimum impact within the limits of said features and services.
  • As stated above reseller hosting can prove to be a valuable line of revenue, specifically from the charges clients will be charged each month for this additional service. IN other words your business with the client doesn’t automatically end after the web site is delivered.
  • It is easier to acquire repeat customers. If you design a site for a client and then provide the hosting services, chances are that client will return to you for any further requirements he needs met.
  • Not that reseller web hosting is completely problem free, as a company has to consider the costs of providing customer support, and revenues that will be lost in case the server within which the resold space is contained goes down. None the less there is no denying its benefits. So Reseller Web Hosting is pretty much the future of web hosting. Several web hosting companies provide reseller hosting, Bluehost and Godaddy are the prominent ones. Check out Bluehost offer on reseller hosting and Godaddy promo plans here.